Beginner’s Guide: How Bitdefender Beats All Other Antivirus Security Software 


Beginner’s Guide: How Bitdefender Beats All Other Antivirus Security Software 

If you are looking for a blazing factor in an Antivirus Software then straight away we can give the name of Bitdefender Total Security. It offers an assortment of security features, which makes everything awe-inspiring. You get protection against any type of theft and breaches that too with the all-in-one Bitdefender AntivirusSoftware package deal. Bitdefender is like a disguised guardian who keeps a perpetual eye on cyber crooks so that no one keeps audacity to break-in your system. It is unbeatable whenever it comes to guarding against malicious viruses and also it puts less burden on the performance of the PC. It is one of the lightweight software that doesn’t side-by-side degrade speed of the PC. On the other hand, it tunes-up the PC speed, which has slowed down at a pace of snail’s speed. From this phenomenal antivirus software, you can expect Zero-attack days. Not only it provides the first line of defense against perilous viruses, but also offers multifaceted protection against Ransomware. You name any security issue,and it provides anextra layer of protection against catastrophic threats of all times. From out-of-the-box protection features, it also offers advanced parental control servicein order to provide privacy for Kid’s online security. Bitdefender makes your online browsing experience, worthwhile as it offersVPN services for complete online protection of digital footprints. With the presence of Bitdefender Total Security in your PC, you need not to worry about the safe online banking experience, as it encrypts the processing transaction.


We can blindly say that Bitdefender is a Steal Deal as it offers multi-layered security features at an economical price, without cutting the pocket of anyone. Bitdefender is loaded with Hi-end security features that every next Window computer needs. Cherry-pick the Bitdefender Totally Security as it is one of the favorite Antivirus Software of cyber security experts. Therefore, Bitdefender’s name is considered in the top 10 list of Best Antivirus Software of 2020.You can fall back on Bitdefender Antivirus Software anytime, anywhere as it has your back.

Stand-Out Security Features of Bitdefender Total Security

  • Equipped with User-Friendly interface and gets downloaded within seconds.
  • Bitdefender is a robust Antivirus security software which is all-packed into a lightweight interface security solution.
  • Offers Real-Time Threat Protection and also comes with Automatic tracking feature.
  • Takes prompt action whenever any trace of suspicious activity is spotted.
  • Provides Bonus Features such as Password Manager, VPN, Webcam Protection, Parental Control, Social Network Protection, File Shredder. List of attributes goes on as it holds myriad features.
  • Silently runs in the background for detecting the presence of malicious malware.
  • Bitdefender Total Security even provides antivirus protection for gaming.
  • Performs Fast and full-fledged deep-scans without causing any lags.
  • You also get Anti-fraud and Anti-phishing facility with this antivirus suite package.

Other Useful Information (Read Carefully):Now, when you are convinced that Bitdefender is the right and Sure-Shot choice for you, then next step what comes is installing and setting up of Bitdefender Antivirus Software. But always remember, nothing good comes easy. Don’t panic when you spot a common error which is ‘Installation Failed’. Never give up so easily, be right there and most pivotal don’t lose hope. Let us warn you beforehand, Bitdefender also sometimes fails to install on the system and there can be hundreds of reason behind it. If you are new to this antivirus, then read this blog further to gain more knowledge about this top-notch software. We are here to make your experience with Bitdefender Hassle-Free.

Quick and Easy Guide: How to Troubleshoot the Bitdefender Installation Error

If you want to mitigate the error, then follow some rules that will SAVE you from apprehensions and complications. List of rules are:


  • Use Bitdefender Software Removal Kit:This will lend a helping hand by providing online support for downloading. Also, with the help of it, you can effortlessly uninstall the existing security software.


  • Uninstall Third-Party Antivirus: Before you begin with the installation of Bitdefender software, it is imperative to uninstall the already existing antivirus software in order to avoid errors and conflict issues.


  • Reinstall Bitdefender Software: While installing if it’s showing unknown or failed installation error, then it is recommended to reinstall the software once again from scratch. Since the reinstallation process will help you in fixing such kind of snags. Before you start with re-installation, ensure that you have successfully uninstalled the half-downloaded program and then reinstall it completely to take advantage of Bitdefender exotic features.

Reinstall Bitdefender Software

  • Check Internet Connection: Installation failed error can occur due to a weak Internet connection. Check whether you have stable and secure enough connection to complete the downloading and installation process.


Wrapping Things Up:

Bitdefender Antivirus Software provides security against any threat which is present and imaginable, and each feature is excellent at what it does. The powerful security tool of Bitdefender will make your online browsing experience full of satisfaction and contentment. We highly recommend this prodigious software which totally acts as a knight in shining armor. Its glitters are all gold which makes this software worth giving it a shot. In a nutshell, Bitdefender every time win’s the heart of every possible customer. Besides everything, remember rules that are mentioned above.If still any other error stops you from enjoying this fantastic security software’s features, then instantaneously get in touch with the technical team of Bitdefender Customer Care Support.

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