Is Windows Defender Effective Enough to Fight with Advanced Viruses (2020)?


Is Windows Defender Effective Enough to Fight with Advanced Viruses (2020)?

If you are wondering what we are talking about, then let me tell you Windows Defender is a free software which comes built-in with Windows 10. We would just like to say if you take necessary precautions such as, keeping your software up to date, using strong passwords, not downloading an unauthentic application and don’t click on suspicious links, then you can definitely avoid zero-day attacks. And if you want extra-layer of protection, then Windows defender can guard you. Windows Defender software can be your 24/7 guard as it is capable of offering the first line of protection that too absolutely free of cost. It gives you full freedom to tune the level of protection depending on the requirement and preferences. Windows Defender leaves everything to the user, and it can be an advantage as well as Drawback. Since on the one hand, Windows Defender software doesn’t automatically block malicious malware, and it gives red flags to the user and asks them to take necessary actions. And on the other hand, Windows Defender provides users with full control to block unwanted apps in order to protect data from nefarious hackers.


In the past years, Windows Defender was considered as an ineffective software that wasn’t secure enough to keep the system protected against malicious virus and malware. Believe us when we say this now, Windows Defender is considered as an outstanding free antivirus software. Over the course of time, Microsoft has worked hard on its software functionality and performance. They have come with cutting-edge software that is now loaded with premium features. Now Windows Defender has also included bonus features such as sandboxing and cloud-based malware detection. After fantastic upgrades, we will say you can entirely rely on Standalone Windows Defender software for your protection of PC. You can expect phenomenal, extra-layer of advanced security and faster threat detection feature from Windows Defender.

Stand-Out Security Features of Windows Defender Antivirus Software


  • Offers Real-Time Threat Detection Feature
  • Provides Firewall Protection
  • Offers Parental Control Features for Kid’s Safety
  • Provides Cloud-Based Virus Protection Storage Library

Let’s Address the Most Asked Question- Is Windows Defender Good Enough for PC Protection?

Lets Address the Most Asked Question

 Recall this idiom; there is always a room for improvement, and Windows proves that when you work harder, you achieve fruitful results. Their consistent efforts and improvements made Widows Defender the decent antivirus software. But there are still cons that make users doubtful about Defender. For Instance, the Parental Control feature is limited to Microsoft browsers. It has a complicated interface which makes it challenging to navigate for beginners. Also, Windows Defender doesn’t include a VPN or integrated password manager. Nothing is perfect; everything comes with flaws. Some lack real-time protection and some antivirus doesn’t offer bonus features.

Other FAQ’s About Windows Defender

Ques 1. Is Windows Defender Effective enough to guard against Catastrophic Threats?


Windows Defender offers a decent level of protection, but it can never match to the level of protection provided by the premium antivirus software. If you are looking for free and basic antivirus protection, then yes Windows Defender is the right software for you. But also if you have sensitive information on your device which can lure hackers into attacking you, then you will need a paid and renowned antivirus software.

 Ques 2. Is Windows Defender capable enough to remove malware?


 Yes, Windows Defender is proficient at detecting any type of malware and is best at successfully removing it from the PC. Though Windows doesn’t regularly update so, sometimes newest malware is not recognized, so solely relying on Windows Defender can be risky.

 Ques 3. Can Windows Defender Antivirus Software Defend against Phishing Scams?


 The answer is Yes, Windows Defender is designed meticulously to protect users from a wide range of online cyber-security threats, encompassing phishing emails and malicious website which attempts to steal the personal information of the gullible victim.

Ques 4. Is Windows Defender Free of Cost?


Yes, Windows Defender is absolutely free of cost and is compatible with Windows 7, 8.1, 8 and 10. It is one of the best antivirus software that provides stellar protection against existing and emerging antivirus threats that too for free.

Quick-Fix Solutions: What to do When Windows Defender Software is not working in Windows 10?

Enable the Real-Time Protection: Windows defender turns itself off when it spots the presence of any other third-party antivirus software. Issues can occur with the presence of two antivirus software such as it leads to conflicts which further results in freezing and crashing of the application. Turn on the Windows Defender software real-time protection by the following way: First of all, press the Windows key + Q key on the keyboard. Afterwards, type Windows Defender in the search box and then press the Enter option. Now, go to the setting option and turn on real-time protection.


Change Date and Time: Incorrect time and date on Windows 10 can be the significant cause behind Windows Defender not working correctly. To fix, change the time and date, we know it sounds bizarre. But, Windows system functions are majorly dependent on the time and date. Therefore, this reason can be responsible for the abnormal functioning of the software.


 Update Windows Frequently: Ensure that you recurrently update your Windows up to date as it can cause teething problems with Windows Defender.


Change Proxy Server: If you don’t want any issue with Windows Defender, then reset the Internet Explorer Settings since incorrect zone settings in Internet Explorer can cause the problem. Remember, you need to make some changes to a proxy server because if you are using a proxy server, then Windows Defender is not able to update. Firstly, press Windows Key + X on your keyboard and then select the Command Prompt as Administrator option. After that type NETSH WINHTTP SET PROXY or NETSH WINHTTP SET PROXY MYPROXY.NET:8080. Now, reboot the system and see if this thing works successfully or not. 


 Reset the Security Center Service: If nothing works out in your favor, then try out resetting the Security Center Service. For resetting the Security Center Service in Windows 10 follow the steps: Firstly go to the search option and then type services. msc and then open services option. After that, find the Security Center Service option. Afterwards, right-click on the Security Center service and then click on the Reset option. Now, restart your computer.


Note (Read This Carefully): Remember Windows Defender will disable its protection right from the moment user download other third-party antivirus software. And if the user will uninstall the third-party software, then Windows 10 will kick-start and come back in action.



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