McAfee Antivirus Expert Review: Is McAfee Total Protection Worth All the Hard-Earned Money?

McAfee Antivirus Expert Review

McAfee Antivirus Expert Review: Is McAfee Total Protection Worth All the Hard-Earned Money?

McAfee is a name which is common in every other household. Over the years McAfee has upped their game and has become one of the best antivirus software of all times that stands on par with other security brands like Norton. McAfee might be good at what it does, but it is not extraordinary and impeccable when it comes to providing advanced extra-layer of security. Though over a period of time, it has improved the old software, and now it gains prominence and full marks when it comes to virus detection and prevention. Bottom Line, it ensures it will keep your devices guarded and fully-secured. McAfee is a steal deal as it offers a wide range of extra security and performance options. However, what I slightly dislike about McAfee is, they keep on sending annoying pop-ups which irritates you to the core and in other words, creates unsolicited distractions in your work. On top of everything, a mobile app is a great welcome addition since it is lightweight, it’s steadfast and offers tons of extra features which strive to keep the mobile devices safe and secure. We are also in awe of support options which are provided by McAfee, to name a few AI technician support, live chat, and forum. If you live in a joint family and wants protection for oodles of devices, then the Household/Family plan is a great deal for you. In a nutshell, thumbs up for a comprehensive range of features, great support options, inexpensive multi-user device compatibility and attractive dashboard and user interface.

McAfee Antivirus Expert Review

McAfee Security Features

McAfee is jam-packed with stand-out security features and bonus add-ons. It goes beyond its extent and even offers protection from suspicious and vulnerable websites. The icing on the cake is, McAfee provides protection against zero-day malware attacks. So, to understand its broad spectrum of hi-end features, we have narrowed down the list for you. Have a Glance!

McAfee Ease of Use and Setup

The time taken to install McAfee in the system is colossally quick, and it even takes less than 10 minutes. The overall interface is effortless and is pretty simple to use. Without any troubles, you can use the software efficaciously though sometimes it gets difficult to access specific tools. McAfee definitely needs a tune-up when it comes to user-friendliness. Using its features becomes confusing as McAfee outlandishly organizes its information. To make our point clearer, let’s explain you through an example- In McAfee app, under the PC Security tab, the Vulnerability scanner is named as Update my apps. Which often puts the customer in a dilemma. However, once the user clicks on the option, then in an appropriate manner, the feature is explained thoroughly. It’s infuriating that adequate information is hidden within the icon on the top right of the dashboard. Important information provided by McAfee is usually given in the pop-ups that are often overlooked by the users. This pop-up feature works for some people, and sometimes it doesn’t for the rest of the users.


McAfee Customer Support

Just like other renowned antivirus brands, McAfee offers customer support via different mediums such as live chat, FAQs, Phone and Community Forum. McAfee provides phone and live chats 24/7 and that too without any miss. Causality is you will get customer support representative on call in just a few minutes, but it solely depends on the rush hours and on the time of a day. If it is taking a longer time, then McAfee support page shows a warning sign that calls are awaited and answered after some time. McAfee also offers support articles, which caters to the complete guide, but it lacks visual content, the images and videos. The community forum provided by McAfee is impressive and effective as well. Through the community forum, the customer helps each other, and it works in a way where a person asks its queries or concerns, and other members of the forum answer them. The best aspect is, forum is available in multiple languages, encompassing Italian, Spanish and Arabic. For the finest customer support services, you can use Tech master, which offers advanced paid service to help troubleshoot issues. In a nutshell, McAfee Total Protection software is more than just good; in fact, it is stellar. The only thing which we desire from McAfee is, they start using pictures and videos in mandate to deliver the informative and compelling guides.


McAfee Plans and Pricing 

McAfee Total Protection is reasonably priced; it covers multiple devices and comes with all the essential features of the antivirus, to name a few like real-time protection and a secure firewall. McAfee even comes with add-ons like a VPN, performance optimizer and a password manager. The cherry on the cake is, all McAfee Total Protection Plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. McAfee Total Protection is accessible for three plans, and most of them share the same features such as: File encryption tool, Firewall, App boost, Real-time protection and WebAdvisor. No matter which device you hold, you can install Total Protection on iOS, PCs, Macs and Android devices. The only difference amongst the plans is the number of devices you can protect. For Instance, Individual offers protection to 1 device, Multi-Device can guard 5 devices, and Household/Family provides protection to 10 devices.

When we talk about umbrella protection for a single device, then the price of it is definitely value for money. The price is lower than other Antivirus software like Kaspersky or TotalAV’s renewal plan price, and on top of it, McAfee offers tons of additional features. Well, when it comes to protecting the whole family, it is worth all money. The features are exactly the same which are provided in the Multi-Device plan. McAfee doesn’t offer a free plan but does provide a 30-day free trial version. The best attribute of a trial version is, you don’t need to provide credit card information in order to sign-up for it. You can try and test it for yourself and can check out whether it is worthy of purchasing a premium version or not. And when it is a matter of refund, then also the process is so straightforward and effortless that you can without any hassle get a refund within 30 days of purchasing your subscription, or within 60 days of automatic renewal, only when you’ve subscribed for a year or more than this.


Final Thoughts on McAfee Antivirus Software

We have tried and tested McAfee Antivirus software multiple times, and after using, we have come to a conclusion. McAfee AntiVirus Plus is prodigious and is excellent at delivering a clean system, but somehow lacks the proficiency when the virus has already invaded/attacked the system. All in all, McAfee is not considered worthless when it comes to guarding your system against catastrophic threats. We were inclined towards its sleek interface and the bonus features like safe browsing extension, WebAdvisor and Web Boost. In a nutshell, McAfee would never burn a hole in your pocket; it always fits every budget.



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