Quick Activation Start Guide: How to Activate Trend Micro License for Windows 

How to Activate Trend Micro License

Quick Activation Start Guide: How to Activate Trend Micro License for Windows 

Trend Micro is considered as one of the Best Antivirus Protection Software for 2020 as it provides utmost protection to the system against treacherous computer viruses. Trend Micro Antivirus software is highly acknowledged to provide additional ransomware protection and also defends from pesky email scam. It is armed with an easy-to-use interface and doesn’t demand any kind of technical expertise to handle its best protection software functionality. This fantastic antivirus software is adept at fighting off with any new type of virus attacks. It offers bonus features such as does the job of privacy shield and anti-ransomware software as well. Trend Micro goes beyond its minimum defense and provides multi-layered protection from every type of malware threat. At the price of a single license, you get protection from multiple threats. Isn’t it an eye-grabbing and amazing deal? Go and try your hands on it, as it is definitely worth a try.

Activating the license is equally essential like its installation. For activation, you require the product key or key code. Usually, people have no idea what is product key and for such type of people activating the software becomes a painstaking task altogether. No Worries! At Antivirus-Activation, we are here to help you out. Since without activating the license, you won’t be able to relish the benefit of its protection. You have to use your license to activate Trend Micro Antivirus Software. After installing, don’t forget to activate its license by following the instructions mentioned below. These methods are tried and tested! You can blindly trust them, just remember to follow the steps systematically and carefully.

Note: One can create a Trend Micro account only if the user registers. Since there is no other way around to create an account without activating an app. If the user tries to activate the Trend Micro product without holding an existing Trend Micro Account then the user should select the option to create an Account instead of Signing-in.

Step-By-Step Guide: How to Activate Trend Micro Antivirus During Installation?

Step 1: You have to wait during the installation until you are asked to provide Trend Micro email address.


Step 2: Afterwards, type your email address and then click on NEXT.


Step 3: When prompted, type your Trend Micro Account password in order to proceed with the activation.




You can activate the Trend Micro Security Software which you have just installed by following the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: First of all, open your Trend Micro Security main console and in the bottom click on the Already Have a Serial Number option.


Step 2: Then, Enter the Serial Number Page will be opened, there is a box in which you are required to enter the New Serial Number.


Step 3: Now, you are supposed to click on the Next option to proceed to the subsequent step.


Step 4: After that, follow the on-screen instructions and your Trend Micro Security software license will get activated.


Learn to activate using the Trend Micro Activation Portal:

Step 1: Open and access the Activation Portal https://mobilesecurity.trendmicro.com/utility/activation/enter_ak first.

Method-3-Step-1Step 2: Then type your activation code and after that, click on Next Option.


Step 3: Now, create your own Trend Micro Account.


Step 4: Afterwards, fill out the required information and then click on Finish Option.


Another Quick Method through Product Key:

Step 1:Firstly, click on Start and open the Trend Micro Antivirus Program.


Step 2: Afterwards, click on the Activate Now button.


Step 3: Now, create a Trend Micro account by entering the required details and then click on the Submit option.


Step 4: Then, click on Next and enter the product activation key. Finally, click on Finish option, and your program will get activated.


After activating the license,enjoy a content and Secure Online Experience.The activation process can be rendered easily if you follow the steps as mentioned above correctly. If you encounter any technical issues with the activation of the product, then you can get in touch with Trend Micro customer support.


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