Quick and Easy Renewal Guide: How to Renew AVG Antivirus Subscription Plan?


Quick and Easy Renewal Guide: How to Renew AVG Antivirus Subscription Plan?

The protection of PC is your responsibility. Even one mistake and laid-back attitude on your part will land you in trouble. What people mainly do is they keep on ignoring the Reminder Pop-Ups and Emails of Renewal Subscription. What happens next is, worst of all, and a nightmare that no one wants ever to experience. But the result is topsy-turvy-Hackers enter the system and starts carrying out their nefarious activities. Just because of a single witlessness, you end up ruining the system and lose the valuable data. Expired antivirus is like trash; it is of no use until the subscription plan is recharged once again. Well, you need a 24/7 guarded protection that protects you proficiently against security threats and data breaches. So, feed-in mind next time you spot the reminder you will take the immediate step, which is of renewing your AVG Antivirus software subscription plan. Now the question that hits everyone is why AVG? Why not after trying it for one month switch back to another software. We have a better answer to this burning question. First of all, AVG is considered to be Best Antivirus Software of 2020, therefore definitely something holds meaning, which makes it counted under the list of Top 10 best antivirus software.

The outstanding part of this best protection software is it’s compatibility with all devices, whether it is Windows, Mac, or Android operating system. What makes AVG stand out is it protects the users from clicking on malicious links. AVG comes with out-of-the-box features that offer real-time protection to the devices. To ensure endless protection renew your subscription before it comes to an expiration period. To continue to enjoy its phenomenal protection, get the subscription renewed before the software stops working. So our role over here in this blog is, we will discuss the Renewal procedure of AVG Subscription through which users can quickly revive the plan. Without making any error, users can efficaciously renew the subscription. The renewal process will take a few minutes here and there. You can in advance renew the license period of the next few years that too before the expiration date.

If you have purchased an AVG subscription online via the AVG store that means you have agreed to a continuous subscription plan. You will be automatically billed at the end of each subscription period until you unsubscribe to it manually.
If you have unsubscribed the automatic renewal feature, then renew the subscription plan accordingly as per two different methods mentioned below. Now, it totally depends on your suitability, which method you find easy to follow.

Disclaimer: You will be able to renew your AVG Account only when once the subscription period gets expired.

Learn How to Renew your AVG Antivirus Subscription Via AVG Account:
Step 1: You can Log in to your AVG account using the mentioned link (https://id.avg.com/sign-in). In case, you don’t have AVG Account then you can create by using the email address that you provided initially during the purchase.

Step 2: Now select the subscription title and click on Renew now button below an expired subscription. Expired subscriptions are probably visible in the AVG Account.

Step 3: Now, follow the on-screen instructions step-by-step to complete the renewal process. The moment your payment is processed the AVG new subscription begins automatically.

Renewal Procedure via the Email of Expiration

Step 1: First of all, open the reminder email which you have received from the AVG team with the subject line AVG Technologies- Subscription Renewal Reminder.

Step 2: After opening the email, click on the Renew now link.

Step 3: Next, you will be asked for credentials. Over there enter your contact and payment details. Subsequently, click on Continue to carry out the renewal process.

Step 4: Now keep on following the on-screen instructions to finish the subscription purchase process. 

Follow the steps accordingly, just how it is mentioned above in the blog. Definitely, you will achieve success, and once again, you will be able to protect your PC from catastrophic virus threats. The AVG Antivirus is easy to renew software and if you are facing any trouble accessing your account or any subscription plan, then get in touch with the AVG experts to fix the issue.

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