How to Install AVG Antivirus 2020 Software in Your Windows Computer?

AVG-Antivirus-Installation Guide

How to Install AVG Antivirus 2020 Software in Your Windows Computer?

Stop getting fall for threats. Get the free antivirus protection of 2020. Check out what AVG is capable of doing before it’s too late to fix everything. Complete information with reviews is available about top 5 best free antivirus. If you are looking for free antivirus software, then AVG Antivirus is the one for you. It is loaded with hi-end features and offers protection, just like any other expensive premium product does. So, why not go for freebie instead of spending exorbitantly on expensive software. AVG Antivirus is highly known as top-rated and customizable software which protects thousands of individuals and businesses from malicious virus threat. It doesn’t matter if you have a small pocket; your system will still be guarded by this outstanding software. If you are skeptical about its functioning and performance just because it is a free software, then we would just like to say, try it before you make an opinion about it. It is an aphorism ‘One should never judge a book by its cover’, in the same way, don’t distrust AVG Antivirus protection before using it. If you want to be assured whether your computer is protected comprehensively or not, then follow the steps mentioned below pedantically in order to install the AVG Antivirus in the right way.

AVG-Antivirus-Installation Guide

Step-By-Step AVG Antivirus Software Installation Guide

Step 1: First of all, uninstall already existing antivirus program on your computer to avoid any disturbances and errors. Since AVG will not be installed if it detects the presence of any antivirus program.

AVG Installation Step-1

Step 2: Now, download the file from the AVG website, and after that, you will be directed to, right from there, you can start downloading your software.

AVG Installation Step-2

Step 3: Run the installation file, and all the necessary files will get downloaded. Select the language preference of your choice and click on Next option.

AVG Installation Step-3

Step 4: It is equally imperative to read and accept the license agreement; then only you will be able to continue with the process.

Also, we would suggest you to read the contract before using the AVG software. Once you are done reading the agreement and if you abide by its rules and procedures, then only click on Accept Option.

AVG Installation Step-4

Step 5: AVG ensures that you haven’t installed the conflicting programs; therefore, it asks what type of installation you like:

Selecting Express Install will install custom search into your browser and AVG toolbars. Disable the option by choosing a Custom Installation and uncheck the boxes. Click on Next option.

If you chose Custom Installation then as per your requirement you can select the components to install in the next screen. As per your choice, you can turn on or off extra features.

AVG Installation Step-5

Step 6: Now, wait for AVG to install and once it is configured then the files will be downloaded automatically. The time taken will be dependent on computer speed and network connection.

AVG Installation Step-6


AVG Installation Step-6.1

Just follow the steps mentioned above, without any imprecision. Act in accordance with the guide and get purge of all the security apprehensions. Now, it’s the sole responsibility of AVG to provide you with a trouble-free and sheltered experience. Also if you are facing any further technical hitches, then we would recommend you to get in touch with the help desk of AVG Antivirus.

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