Top 10 Best Antivirus Software of 2020 At a Glance!

Top-10-Antivirus 2020

Top 10 Best Antivirus Software of 2020 At a Glance!

In the times of Dark events where the existence of nefarious fraudsters and hackers prevails, choosing the right Antivirus Protection Software for your PC or laptop becomes Need of the Hour. Every system needs to be sheltered by the comprehensive protection of Best Antivirus Software as antivirus security software acts as the first line of defense against catastrophic threats. It’s risky to leave your system without virus protection in 2020 as it is precisely like leaving your door open for burglars to barge in easily. If you believe that pre-installed free software like Windows Defender can protect you proficiently from malicious virus programs, then you are probably living under a rock.

Top-10-Antivirus 2020

No comparison can ever be made with the paid and premium package suite of antivirus products as paid antivirus software offers a myriad of features that goes beyond providing basic virus protection. Paid antivirus solution holds the capability of clamping down and offers multi-layered protection. It offers 24 Hours of guarded protection and at no cost let you suffer through irreparable damage which is caused by the presence of the malevolent virus. With the abundance of choices of software available in the market, finding one of the best and reliable software is altogether a cumbersome and time-consuming task. So, in order to make your life easier we have accumulated the list of 10 Best Antivirus Software of 2020. Check out our detailed analysis of each best antivirus software of 2020. Have a Look!

Norton Antivirus Plus  

Norton Antivirus Product

Stand-Out Features: Real-Time Protection | Parental Control | Easy-to-use Interface | Password Manager |Cloud Backup | Stays Up-do-Date with latest threats | Affordable Subscription

Norton antivirus plus software is ever ready to fight with cyber crooks who are continually inventing sophisticated new ways to attack unsuspecting victimsNorton has been serving in security field from ages and still marks to be one of the top-notch antivirus software providers. Norton Antivirus Plus is loaded with Hi-end features and also comes packed with stand-alone services such as password manager, cloud-backup solutions, VPN service, kids’ online security and identity theft protection. It also stays up to date with existing and latest virus threats of all times. An affordable annual subscription is what you get by purchasing this prodigious software. It has a lightweight interface which makes it suitable for every operating system. Norton Antivirus Plus Software offers phenomenal customization option which allows user to control settings as per their preference and requirement. It delivers real-time protection and incessantly keeps an eye on emerging threats.

 Avast Antivirus Software

Avast Antivirus Product

Stand-Out Features: Excellent Browser Cleanup | Password Manager | Out-of-the-box features | Wi-Fi VPN Service | Smart Virus Detection Capabilities | URL Protection

Avast has a prolonged standing in the security field and has proved its mettle over the years. It provides watertight security tools and is equipped with a bunch of stellar features. It has an easy-to-use interface and delivers good value for money. Avast pro antivirus software offers extra fantastic features which provide triple protection and entices people to make an upgrade from entry-level software. It offers out-of-the-box features like sandboxing of suspicious files, Wi-Fi inspection against wireless attacks, and excellent browser cleanup for unwanted toolbars. Avast Pro is exorbitantly expensive from other antivirus solutions, but we must say no one provides matchless protection like this software. Avast keeps on coming with amazing deals on its antivirus Pro software, so keep an incessant eye and don’t miss out on the golden slashed deal offers.

Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Antivirus Product

Stand Out Features: Automatic Full-Fledged Scan I User-Friendly I Straightaway Security Management I Real-Time Protection I Compatible with macOS, Android and iOS

Kaspersky’s entry-level antivirus software is all worth for money. It earns brownie points as it provides remarkable malware-detection. Even like Norton, it includes an option for parental control where they can keep a check on activities of their kids. Also, it offers anti-theft protection for various devices. The best part is, it also provides VPN services to its customers so that they can access the Wi-Fi network in a public place that too safely and securely. Unlike other antivirus software, Kaspersky is compatible not only with Windows but with different operating systems as well. The premium version provides add-on features like file encryption, a file shredder and a password manager.

Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus

Webroot Antivirus Product

Stand Out Features: Lightweight | Operating System: Mac and Windows | Quick Deep-Scan | Identity Protection | Real-Time antivirus protection | 24/7 Virtual Guard | Reasonable Price

Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus provides super-fast scanning ability, and its an eye-catching attribute is, it is light on system resources. Without stooping down the performance of the system, it guards silently in the background and that too without creating any hindrance. People with older PC and Laptop need not worry as it can effortlessly fit in any system. In a nutshell, Webroot SecureAnywhere Antivirus software is not a demanding one. It is hardly bigger than 2 MB and doesn’t ask for bulky updates periodically. For updating or downloading Webroot, you don’t need a strong internet connection as it adjusts in any circumstances. It doesn’t matter how small the software is, it still provides a supreme level of security.

Trend Micro Antivirus+ Security 

Trend-Micro Antivirus Product

Stand-Out Features: Protection from pesky email scams | Economical Pricing | Easy-to-use interface | Additional Ransomware Protection | Robust real-time Protection

Trend Micro Antivirus provides full-fledged email scam protection which no other software provides as such. Email scams and sextortion are ruling the Dark Net; therefore, you need Trend Micro robust antivirus software in this regard. The cheery on the cake is, it is easy to use and doesn’t require any expertise to handle its functionality. But one of the drawbacks of Trend Micro is, it runs slowly in an older system because of its poor interface. It is proficient at protecting from nefarious ransomware as well. In short, except offering real-time protection from viruses, it also provides extensive protection from spams and ransomware at the cost of one. So, isn’t it a great deal! You can also try your hand on its 30-days free trial to know-about its outstanding performance.

McAfee Antivirus Plus 

McAfee Antivirus Product

Stand Out Features: Multi-Device Protection| File Shredder | Compatibility at its best | Internet Security | VPN Service | Safe Web Browsing | Speedup tool

McAfee Antivirus Plus offers total protection from every potential threat, no matter how trivial the problem is. When cybercriminals are prying on the digital footprints of the user, McAfee comes handy as it offers impressive safe web browsing. What makes McAfee stand out is, it offers PC optimization tools to speed up the performance of a staller PC. It also includes a VPN service to provide a safe and secure usage of the Internet in public areas. If you are looking for bonus features, then you can go for McAfee Antivirus Software. Top feature is, it provides- easy-to-use console and also password manager for making things hassle-free for users. It offers multi-device protection, and at a singular cost, you can guard your multiple devices. If someone is looking for quite a deal, then McAfee is one the ones for you because of its striking Internet Security features.  

ESET NOD32 Antivirus 

ESET Antivirus Product

Stand Out Features: Phishing Protection | Compatible with Maximum Devices | Robust Ransomware Protection | Cloud-Based Scanning | Threats Blocker | Real-Time Malware Protection | Password Manager

ESET NOD32 provides phenomenal protection and goes far beyond any basic antivirus software protection level. To try and test its fantastic performance, you can check out ESET trial version. It is meticulously designed to provide a stellar heuristic detection feature and automatically filters out malicious websites. ESET is an absolute panacea and offers the best defense using PowerShell. Also provides an amazing scanner for USB mass storage devices. Also, it is full-featured packed with assorted services like software firewall, password manager, file shredder and comes with the fantastic scanner.

AVG Antivirus 

AVG Antivirus Product

Stand Out Features: Mobile Security | Anti-Theft Protection | Boosts PC Performance & PC Tune-up | Ransomware Protection | Web Camera Safety | Smart Scanner | Email Security | File Shredder | Identity Protection | Network Protection

The perfect solution to all your threat problems is with AVG antivirus since it is adaptable to fight against all possible threats whether it is adware, Trojans, rootkits and ransomware. AVG is a first-class software which keeps cyber threats at bay. The best is, it protects against webcam spying, ransomware and identity thefts which are predominant in the 21st century. Some software degrades the performance of the PC, but this one is all multi-layered software which boosts PC speed and elevates the performance at maximum level. This software provides an endless list of features. Also, delivering advanced protection is what AVG always stands for. Automatic scanning is what you can expect, without creating any fuss it will carry out its threat scanning process. Even mobile security is also offered by AVG no matter whether it is Android or iOS.

Avira Antivirus Software 

Avira Antivirus Product

Stand-Out Features: Blocks spam emails | Intuitive Web-Interface | Cloud-Based Storage | Blacklists Filtering | Offers Encryption | Automatic Weekly Updates | Virus Scanner and Cleaner | VPN Service | PC Optimizer | Identity Protection | Network Scanner | Blocks Phishing Website

Avira is highly known for its smart scan feature, and it is one of the fastest software. It offers easy-to-use tools, and is a lightweight software. Even Avira works as a PC cleaner software which wipes out all temporary files and data. In a nutshell, by buying Avira software, you can fix privacy issues as well as system troubleshooting problems. It provides 100% real-time protection and doesn’t let any threat go unnoticed. Avira doesn’t sell your data to third-party; therefore, users can expect sophisticated privacy from Avira. It provides auto-save password and credential options so that you don’t go through password lost problems. Once you use Avira, then there is no going back as it is a cost-effective software.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus  

Bitdefender-Antivirus Product

Stand Out Features: Loaded with Privacy Tools | VPN Service | Additional Ransomware Protection | Password Manager | Compatible with all online gadgets | Multi-layered Protection

Bitdefender is a peerless antivirus software that is easy to use and carries out a simple installation software. User-friendliness is what makes it stand out amongst other software. It is compatible enough to render smooth protection services to users. It is impeccable and offers a full-sized bundle of features that too at affordable price. Once you installed this reliable software, it starts with its deep scan to locate whether there is any scope of virus infiltration. It provides accomplished protection and keeps you informed with minute-to-minute details by sending you threats notifications. Once it attains success in vanquishing the virus threats, it informs ‘You are protected.’ Even Bitdefender entry-level software holds multiple features such as Wi-Fi security scanning, secure file deletion, password manager and also VPN services. You don’t need to pay extra for up-gradation as it comes with an annual subscription plan. Customer satisfaction is what Bitdefender provides as multi-layer discounts are offered throughout the year.

You can blindly trust our top 10 pick recommendations as we have tried and tested these security products multiple times. Safeguard your computer from existing and emerging online threats by selecting the right software for your needs. Any of this software will serve you best, but the ideal choice depends on budget and what fits you best. Select the Right Security Solution for You!

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