Top Pick Of Antivirus Protection Software (2021)


Top Pick Of Antivirus Protection Software (2021)


New Year calls for advanced protection against catastrophic virus attacks. We have entered in 2021, and here we are with another blog that will guide you about the best antivirus protection software of 2021.

The footprints and travails of dealing with cyber crooks are behind us; we made it to 2021. But the issue of hackers/fraudsters/scammers still prevails, they can compromise your security and privacy at any point of time, in case your system is not fully protected and guarded with antivirus software.

In 2021, guarding your devices with one of the best antivirus utilities is more important than ever as an increased number of cyber threats target individuals and businesses.

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·      Introduction
·      Norton Antivirus
·      Defencebyte Antivirus-Pro
·      Trend Micro Antivirus
·      Bitdefender Antivirus
·      Avira Antivirus
·      Conclusion

Not even a Pandemic can stop Internet predators from creating havoc in the life of unsuspecting users. So, 2021 is not the year to take relief, and it also doesn’t mean you let your guard down. It’s time to download antivirus software that is effective, cutting-edge, unconventional and up-to-date with all the antivirus solutions. Look for advanced and multi-layered software that can proficiently handle malicious Viruses, Rootkits, Spyware, Adware, Ransomware and more.

However, when the industry is crowded with the availability of plentiful antivirus software, hand-picking the best antivirus software for your business altogether becomes challenging and problematic. No worries! When experts at Antivirus-Activation is available to help you make an impeccable choice. After all, we are best in the business as we’ve tested more than 50 utilities to help you pick the best antivirus protection for your system.

You can count on us as we will update you with all the latest deals and new software releases in the cybersecurity world. Stay Tuned!

Have A Glance!

Norton Antivirus

Stand-Out Features: Parental Control | Real-Time Protection | Multi-Layer Protection| Cloud Backup | Password Manager | URL Blocker


Norton is a renowned company that is offering cybersecurity solution from decades. Year by year, they are adding value to the solid reputation, as they provide top-notch entry-level and premium antivirus programs.

The cherry on the cake is they offer one of the best antivirus utilities at a decent annual subscription cost. Even the entry-level antivirus software comes packed with stand-alone services such as cloud-backup solutions, password manager, VPN, parental control and identity theft protection tool.

For the user-friendliness and ease of use, Norton offers a gamut of customization options to control the dashboard and settings.

We are pretty impressed by the URL blocker tool that can competently protect users by blocking visits to malicious websites in real-time. It works round-the-clock and is always on duty to look out for potential cyber-attacks.

Additionally, Norton gives the option to upgrade to complete online security suite, Norton 360 Deluxe, which is meticulously designed to cover multi-platforms and devices.

Defencebyte Antivirus Pro

Stand Out Features: Automatic Maintenance | Deep Scanning | Payment Protection | Network Protection |Hacker Protection | User-Friendly Interface

Defencebyte Antivirus Pro

Defencebyte has a profound history in the cybersecurity niche; after all, it is highly-applauded for offering powerful and potent protection. Adaptability, intuitiveness is what makes it stand out amongst other software.

The out-of-the-box features and manifold protection tools provided by defencebyte undoubtedly come handy when it comes to protecting against catastrophic virus attacks.

The icing of the cake is defencebyte works silently in the background without making any fuss. It is definitely not like other antivirus software that sends zillions of needless pop-ups which are insightful to some extent, but after some time turns into a headache. But, defencebyte is different; they only send informative warning pop-ups that are much-required.

It makes protection stress-free to accomplish and keeps you informed with minute-to-minute details by sending you needed threat notifications. Once it attains victory in removing the virus threat, it informs ‘You are protected.’

Moreover, you don’t have to pay extra for up-gradation as it comes with an annual subscription plan. Stellar customer satisfaction is what defencebyte offers as multi-layer discounts are offered throughout the year.

Defencebyte scores full marks for its features, performance and functionality; undeniably it is a steal deal. If someone is looking for quite a deal, then defencebyte is the one for you.

Trend Micro Antivirus 

Stand-Out Features: Ransomware Monitoring | Real-Time Protection from Email Scams |Lightweight | Competitive Pricing | Advanced AI Learning


Trend Micro is simple but super effective antivirus protection software, so it always remains on top of the list. Ease-of-use and user-friendliness delivered by Trend Micro are to die for since it very well fit with every consumer’s requirement and preferences.

No software other than Trend Micro offers full-fledged and air-tight email protection, no one does like them. If you wish to stay protected from phishing scams and sextortion emails, you should always pick Trend Micro.

We are not a big fan of its interface and adaptability as it runs slowly in an older system.

Bottom Line, at the cost of one you get hi-end add-on features for free. Isn’t the best deal ever? Moreover, if you still doubt about its performance, then you can try your hands on its 30 days free trial version.

Bitdefender Antivirus

Stand-out Feature: Special Privacy Tool | VPN | Vulnerability Scanner | Password Manager | Lightweight & Compatible | Real-time Ransomware Protection | Online Banking Protection


When it comes to affordability and inexpensiveness, then Bitdefender name is taken first. It’s an old saying “You can’t judge a book by its cover” in the same way don’t go with the price factor since Bitdefender’s protection is unsurpassed and over the top.

What’s highly impressive about Bitdefender? Its sheer amount of hi-end and sophisticated features. To our surprise- even the entry-level version of Bitdefender offers outstanding web protection and striking defense against digital catastrophes in general.

Bitdefender Internet Security Suite comes with a spectrum of welcome-addition features such as quality spam filter, firewall, webcam and microphone hijacking countermeasure tools, pc maintenance tools and parental control.

Avira Antivirus

Stand-Out Features: Cloud-Based Storage | PC Optimizer Tool | Network Scanner | Blacklist Filtering | Block Spam Email Tool | Identity Protection | Built-in VPN | Blocks Phishing Links 


Avira is well-known for its high detection rate and smart scan featureOn top of it, we are in awe with its clean, friendly interface, and that’s what makes Avira special.

But one thing that we would like Avira to reduce is its popup notifications; they are quite annoying sometimes.

Avira Antivirus Software’s best attribute is that it also works as a system optimization tool as it wipes out all temporary files and data. Long story cut short; if you cherry-pick Avira from the reservoir, it will be a win-win situation for you as it can fix privacy/security issues and system troubleshooting problems.

Once you are hooked with Avira Antivirus software protection, then there is no going back as it is extremely good at what it does.


When you have the top recommendation from security experts, then what are you waiting for? Go and get your hands on the software that fits your budget and requirements the best. At last, we would like to say, select the right security solution for you and yours!


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