Ultimate Antivirus Guide: Is Panda Dome a Decent Antivirus Software?

Panda Dome antivirus

Ultimate Antivirus Guide: Is Panda Dome a Decent Antivirus Software?

We have come with another recommendation of the best antivirus software of 2020 and this time we are going to talk about Panda Dome Antivirus Software. It is one of the pioneers in the security industry that has been guarding users since 1990. Over the years, it has polished its appealing interface and also came with new app features, but it is still easy on hands. Now, let’s throw some light on the real question- is it decent enough to protect you? Yes, it is far better than just being decent. It holds competency to satisfy both novice and advanced user and not to forget even it has impressed adamant security experts. Panda Dome is a lightweight software and is loaded with the hi-end myriad features. The cherry on the cake is, it offers various customizable plans that fit with each and every user’s requirement and preferences. On top of this, every package comes with a number of striking features.

Panda Dome antivirus

One of the best things about Panda Dome is even with the free plan; it comes with VPN service, which makes your online and banking experience worthwhile.Panda Dome antivirus software has a broad spectrum of security features, including a VPN, file encryption, password manager and parental control- the list is probably limitless. Expensive premium antivirus suite packages usually offer these features, and Panda Dome is a name out of the few that is highly applauded for providing all of this at an affordable cost. And not to forget, it also includes a Virtual Keyword feature that protects against having your keystrokes traced by pseudo hackers.

Now, you can relate why Panda Dome is well-known as Jack-of-all-trades. But one of its drawbacks is it doesn’t pay heed on the performance or functionality of each feature.

We will walk you through things which we don’t like about Panda Dome such as it doesn’t provide ransomware protection in the cheapest plan. And it offers 24/7 customer support only to premium users, which other brands like McAfee and Norton provide for free.

Panda Dome Stand-Out Features


  • Panda Dome antivirus software has a stylish, user-friendly and straightforward interface.


  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Linux. Bottom Line, it is compatible with every older version of Windows and that too down to Windows XP.


  • Offers VPN service for private and anonymous Internet users, which furthermore helps in providing safe and contented online shopping and banking experience.


  • Offers best ransomware protection against cyber crooks who locks the gullible victim out of their own system.


  • Offers unrivalled scanning feature such as USB Virus Scan, Auto and manual Virus Scanning. and registry startup scan.


What are the Bonus Features Offered by Panda Dome?

Panda Dome offers remarkable additional features which make it stand out amongst the crowd.

Parental Control: You can upkeep with your child’s online security by using this Parental Control feature. It blocks the websites and tracks your child’s location.


Password Manager: It offers exotic password manager service that doesn’t let the device auto save the credentials in order to safeguard them from getting compromised.


Data Shield: Stops suspicious apps from accessing certain files which helps enormously in protecting against ransomware.Data-Shield

Virtual Keyword: It helps in safeguarding against potential keyloggers who notice the keystrokes.


Anti-theft tools: It wipes off the digital footprints and tracks the location of Windows, IOS and Android devices.


Web protection: Safe and secure online browsing environment is provided as it proficiently detects and blocks the phishing sites and malicious links.


What are the Different Price and Packages Plan Provided by Panda?

They offer fairly priced packages, and the icing on the cake is they keep on coming with flash sales which is definitely a steal deal and are eye-grabbing. Welcome addition feature is you can also install free trial Panda Dome antivirus software which is equally impressive.

Panda Dome Essential (Basic Premium Plan): It offers extra features such as real-time antivirus protection, Wi-Fi network protection, USB and external device scanning. It is priced at INR 1,727.39. The price of this package is cost-effective in comparison to other famous brand’s basic package.


Panda Dome Advanced: It includes all the features that are mentioned in the Dome Essential package and as a surplus, also provides ransomware and advanced threat protection, parental control and identity theft protection. It offers myriad features, but it is only a little cheaper than highly acclaimed Norton’s 360 standard packages. Norton comes with exotic features such as dark web monitoring, a VPN, a password manager and unlimited browsing data.


Panda Dome Complete: It includes all the features of Dome Advanced Package, but it encompasses other features as well as such as PC optimization tools, Data Shield, File Encryption, Password Manager, and file shredding. The price of dome complete antivirus software is quoted at INR 2,879.49, which is not at all bad.


Panda Dome Premium: This package includes VPN service with unlimited browsing data, and the best attribute is, it offers impeccable 24/7 premium customer support. Also provides one year of protection for one device, which is exceptional. In short, this package is about all-around protection, though this is significantly exorbitant as it is priced at INR 4,799.49.


To Wrap It Up:Let’s put it this way, all in all, Panda’s virus and malware protection are outstanding. The most loved feature is a file shredder and recovery kit. The app is super easy to set up, and which on a single click gets downloaded. In a nutshell, when we talk about the significant factor, which is the price of Panda’s packages, they are definitely a value for money. And also, we can’t overlook it offering 30-days money-back guarantee, which makes everything fall into place.


Quick-fix Solutions: Error Codes Encountered While Activating Panda Dome Antivirus Software


One can encounter unsolicited error messages when they are activating Panda antivirus software. So, here we are with quick-fix solutions to resolve the issue:

Error Code 9-905: This error code is displayed when the Activation code is not entered appropriately and also it can ensue when the code entered does not belong to the correct product.

Solution: So, if you are inadvertently entering the Activation Code incorrectly, then go to your Panda Account and double-check the combination of number and characters of the code. And if the code is correct, then it can occur due to another reason which is; the code is not compatible with the product version you are trying to activate. To fix the issue, download the latest version of your product.

Error Code 9-906: This code error is displayed when the limit of activation of your product has been exceeded.

Solution: First of all, access your Panda account and then enter your email address and password by clicking on login.

  • If you don’t have a Panda account, create a new account.

  • Now, once you have logged in, go under My Products,there you will find an alert message. It will state that you have reached the maximum number of activation’s which were allowed. After that, click on the release button to reassign licenses.

  • When the whole process is finished, activate your product once again.

Note: If you have installed a trial version, then bear in mind this type of versions can only be installed and activated once.

Error Code 1-0: This error is only displayed when the proxy option is enabled in the Internet Explorer settings.

Solution: First and foremost, open Internet Explorer, and then click on Tools, and after that, select Internet option.

  • Now select the connections tab,and click on the LAN settings

  • Subsequently, disable the use of a proxy server for your LAN verification checkbox and then after that click on OK.

  • Now, once again click on OK on the Internet Options window.

  • Finally, try activating your Panda Dome, and we guarantee, you will be successful at it.

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