Ultimate Guide: What Makes BullGuard the Powerful Antivirus Software?

BullGuard Antivirus-Software

Ultimate Guide: What Makes BullGuard the Powerful Antivirus Software?

BullGuard is an avant-garde and powerful antivirus software. As the name says it all, it is strong like a bull since it offers triple-layered antivirus protection and that too at low pricing. BullGuard is known as prize-winning software that provides resilient protection against perilous viruses. Its detection power is like an eagle’s eye-vision, and with its advanced security, it beforehand sojourns the virus from entering the system. It is highly-acclaimed for offering bonus features such as secure cloud backup, intuitive parental control and a highly guarded firewall. It is tested multiple times and marks to be high-quality antivirus software, which can fight off any catastrophic threats. The icing on the cake is, it offers free automatic updates to make sure the user gets nothing less than perfection. BullGuard offers most-up-to date protection to shield against new virus threats.

BullGuard Antivirus-Software

One of the enticing attributes of BullGuard is Game Booster feature. This feature works proficiently, and BullGuard frees up system resources so that any type of game can run smoothly. This software is favorite of gamers as it blocks infuriating pop-ups from interfering during gameplay. People always complain that most of the antivirus software degrades the performance of the system, but BullGuard does wonders by tuning-up the performance of the slow PC. Being a prodigious antivirus software, it even provides protection against phishing and is sufficient at blocking bogus websites. It proves to be an all-roundernot just for gamers, but for everyone. To test out its astonishing and out-of-the-box features, you can use 30-days free trial version of BullGuard Antivirus Software. You can check out its assortment of functionality at no cost for 30 days before you actually invest in purchasing its protection.

What most of the users does out of frustration is they disable the antivirus protection altogether and which further opens the doors for wicked hackers.On the front-line, BullGuard performs better than any other antivirus software. Little Something Extra that BullGuard Provides- Anti-phishing, Anti-Ransomware protection, Advanced Machine Learning, Game Booster Feature, Vulnerability Scanner, Parental Control service, Firewall protection, PC Tune-up feature, and Cloud Integrated Backup feature. It is highly-known for offering comprehensive Identity Protection for credit cards, passports, phone numbers, email address, passports, bank accounts, etc.

Stand-Out Security Features of BullGuard Antivirus Software

Magical Vulnerability Scanner: Have you ever heard of any other antivirus software that provides vulnerability scanner? No, right? This is the magic of BullGuard; it blocks programs that might contain malware by automatically performing stellar functionality of checking the authenticity of applications. BullGuard alerts you instantaneously about missing security updates and gives you an alarming red flag if you inadvertently connect to an unsafe Wi-Fi network. It miraculously spots security apprehensions that too at-a-glance by automatically enabling windows updates and upgrading Auto run Settings.


Next Generation Antimalware Security: BullGuard next-generation security offers triple-layer of protection which no other antivirus software promises as such. It is proficient at recognizing trusted and authentic sites and applications. It continually scans the full-fledged system for codes that are interlinked with malware. Once by hook or by crook it detects the presence of malicious malware, then it puts it back in the quarantine zone.


Real-Time Antivirus Protection: BullGuard provides multifaceted real-time protection against all types of malware. Also, it protects against phishing attempts, nefarious ransomware and Trojans, which is designed to extract ransom fee. Its flawless on-time detection promptly identifies and nullifies the new and advanced threats.


Advanced Feature (Game Booster): BullGuard’s prized Game Booster feature allows the user to play games in comprehensive safety so that user’s at no cost have to sacrifice security for entertainment. It is adept at blocking annoying pop-ups and any other unsolicited interruptions to assure that you enjoy the blazingly fast and incessant gaming experience.


Advanced Machine Learning: BullGuard offers advanced machine learning which as such no other software providesIt delivers whirlwind threat detection against existing, emerging and advanced threats. BullGuard multiple layer security helps in examining malware properties and assure zero threat days for all of its users. BullGuard keeps your system guarded against advanced types of malicious malware.


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 Technical System Requirement: Memory: 1 GB RAM; Hard-drive space needed: 850 MB; Internet Connection: Strong and Secure

Operating System: Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit processor), Windows 8, 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit processor); Windows 7 (32 bit and 64-bit processor)


To Conclude: Bitdefender Covers It All and is considered as one of the leading names in the Internet security market. Welcome Addition is, they offer impeccable and unrivalled 24/7 Live Chat Support without any fail. You can get in touch with their friendly technicians at any time of the day or night. The software holds a self-updating mechanism and keeps itself well updated all the times. It is highly praised for its working design, user-friendliness and utmost for its fast response against all the undesirable harmful, malicious programs.


BullGuard, on the one hand, is known for its remarkable updated technology and a new set of features, but on the other hand, these cutting-edge technology leads to technical snags. But, don’t worry, they are resolvable, and you can fix them without any strain.

Now, we will walk you through issues, errors and solutions so that you can use them to get near-to-perfect BullGuard protection.

 Ways to Resolve BullGuard Antivirus Software Errors:

Error 1: BullGuard Service is Not Starting- In order to resolve the snag, the user should follow the below-mentioned steps meticulously:


  • Make sure there is no other security software that is already working on the system. If there is any, then first of all uninstall the pre-existing security software.

  • Inspect the windows services and if they are by chance corrupted, then get them immediately repaired.

  • If your system is already infected then get the malware eliminated instantaneously.

Error 2: BullGuard Shows Expiration Error- When you have already renewed the subscription and if it still shows the status as expired then in such case the user should wait for the time being. Because sometimes the processing payment takes times to refresh the status automatically. You can also try by logging out and then once again logging in BullGuard account.


Reinstalling or installing BullGuard Software on Different Device-If you want to install or reinstall BullGuard on another PC/Laptop, then follow the below-mentioned steps:


  • Firstly, press on the download option from My Subscription.

  • After downloading follow the on-screen instructions.

  • Then finally log in your BullGuard account with the user name and password.

BullGuard Account Password Recovery: If you want to recover BullGuard account password, then follow the below-mentioned steps:


  • Firstly, open the password recovery window.

  • After that enter BullGuard user name and then click on the option ReCaptcha checkmark.

  • Afterwards, open your email inbox and then click on the link sent by BullGuard.

  • Finally, enter the new password twice to confirm and then after that, click on submit.

BullGuard License Activation Procedure: If you want to activate the license to enjoy its stellar benefits, then do it with the help of a key. In Windows, first open the BullGuard program, afterwards, click on settings and then Activate License key.

Note: We have tried to cover all the problems and errors that you can face in the foreseeable future while using the powerful BullGuard Antivirus Software. If you further face any complications, then it is advisable to get in touch with the technical team of BullGuard.


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