Ultimate Guide: Why is TotalAV Known As Easy-to-Use Antivirus Software?


Ultimate Guide: Why is TotalAV Known As Easy-to-Use Antivirus Software?

When two powerhouses of antivirus software come together, then magic is created. Avira software mostly powers TotalAV’s antivirus engine and collectively provides the best of protection against dreadful viruses. TotalAV’s fantastic scanner is provided by Avira which is considered in the list of top 10 Best Antivirus Software of 2020. TotalAV provides a striking collection of Hi-End security features. Its detection power is at the next level since it holds the potential to detect brand new threats. Also, not to forget TotalAV’s secure VPN is produced by Windscribe, which is highly-acclaimed as one of the remarkable standalone VPN’s available in the market today.

Even the free version of TotalAV is not that bad as it strives to provide basic scanning and malware detection feature. Perfect for the ones who use their PC or Laptop once in a blue moon. Premium features of TotalAV’s are to die for. After praising its features, let’s come straight to the point and address the question; is it one of the most easy-to-use software? Yes, by far it is. Even small kids can try their hands on this first-rated antivirus software. Its functionality is not at all complicated, and also the non-tech-savvy persons can use this straightforward antivirus program. Its premium multi-faceted features are advanced and stand amongst the crowd.


Desirable addition is TotalAV’s full antivirus package suite is as good as provided by renowned Norton 360 and Kaspersky Total Security. No one can ever say it’s a newcomer antivirus software as it is standing steady and competing with big brand names in Internet Security like McAfee and Norton. These already established brands have spent years on building their positive reputation, and TotalAV has proved by all means that it is here to rule the market along with big players. Foundation of TotalAV is based on ceaseless improvements and while reading this, you can imagine the extent of hard work TotalAV team puts in renderingthe best of user experience.

Stand-Out Security Features of TotalAV Antivirus Software


TotalAV Antivirus Software Compatibility with Operating Systems


Windows Operating System: Windows 10, 8, 8.1, 7, Windows XP and Vista

macOS Operating System: OS X 10.8, OS X 10.9 or above

Mobile Compatibility (iPhone or iPad): IOS version 8.0 or higher

Android Mobile Compatibility: Jelly Bean 4.1 or higher

Is TotalAV Worth the Money? 

Without giving a second thought, we will say yes, it is definitely worth a try. The user-friendly and simple design makes this software outranks all other security products. Since at the end of the day, antivirus software is built for users. If users are not only able to effortlessly access the antivirus software protection, then no purpose is left behind. With just a couple of clicks, you can install and use the security of this top-notch software. If you are new to the Internet security environment, then we guarantee you will love TotalAV simplicity. Within a single click, you can access its online dashboard which encompasses video tutorials, live chat, FAQs and guides.


Never miss a chance on steal deals of TotalAV! They keep coming with eye-catching offers, so grab the golden opportunity. If first of all, you want to try out their multi-layered features then you can go for TotalAV 30-days free trial version.

TotalAV Real-Time Protection Issue

Real-time protection is a pivotal part of TotalAV Antivirus software security. This software acts as a disguised virtual guard that quietly runs in the background. It monitors all the browsing activities and looks for catastrophic threats. This feature helps in stopping a virus from entering the system. So with its advanced and sophisticated protection comes teething problems that create an unwanted issue for the users. But don’t worry it’s fixable. Anticipated real-time protection issues that can take over your system are:

Issue 1:Complication of other real-time antivirus software with TotalAV.


Issue 2: Facing error in running or configuration of TotalAV at startup.


Sure-Shot Solution: First of all, uninstall any other existing Antivirus software application that is present in the system. Since clashes can occur between two antivirus software and which further creates nuances in the functioning of each other. Once you have uninstalled other antivirus software, then also with it uninstall Total AV. Then after that restart your computer and reinstall Total AV once again. After doing all of this, even at that juncture real-time protection of Total AV isn’t turning on then follow the steps mentioned below:




Step 1: Firstly, click on Start and in the search box type Services. MSc and then right-click on the result which is titled as Services. And from the drop-down list of options click on the Run as Administrator.

Step 2: Afterwards, in the services window, look for the service called PC Security Management.

Step 3: After that, if you find out PC Security Management Service is not listed as Running then right-click on it and select the Start option. If it is already running, then click on Restart instead.

Step 4: Now, open and click on the shield which is in the sidebar and then after that select Protection Status in the menu.

Step 5: Afterwards, click the button that is written off as Enable protection. Click on it to enable Real-time protection. Finally, your real-time protection will now be activated successfully.

Note:Ensure that you have followed the steps as mentioned above systematically and meticulously. If you still face the problem with TotalAV real-time protection, then get in touch with TotalAV tech support team.


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