Is Intego a Decent Mac Or Windows Antivirus Software?


Is Intego a Decent Mac Or Windows Antivirus Software?

Intego is an internationally recognized Mac Antivirus brand, and by launching Antivirus for Windows, the company is stepping towards cross-platform protection. Intego is catering to all kinds of customers, who operate in a mixed PC/Mac environment. By coming with the launch of Windows Antivirus Software, Intego has opened the door for golden opportunities. Now, Intego Security Software brand enjoys an extended customer base. It is highly applauded for its potential to detect and remove Mac and Linux malware from a PC. Isn’t it great?  In an outline, Intego demands no intricate setting adjustments, no unnecessary digging through a byzantine interface. Moreover, it creates no pointless confusions which are mostly found in the interface of other antivirus software. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, a non-tech-savvy person and a newbie can effortlessly use Intego that too straight out of the box.


Moreover, Intego incessantly perform to sojourn other kinds of viruses that could otherwise go undetected on your system. All in all, Intego strives to make sure that all of these cross-platform devices stay safe and secure. In addition, it offers multi-layer protection and proficiently protects PC from threats. Intego is a gem of a Mac Antivirus software that is available in the market today.You will get myriad add-on tools which are totally exclusive such as they have a bonus feature named as Washing Machine. Isn’t it bizarre? Washing Machine feature is for system cleaning and optimizing. Also, a Content Barrier called feature is for parental control. Overall functionality and performance of this software is phenomenal, and it scores top marks in macOS virus protection, stand-out security features and ease of use. It is reasonably priced than most other Mac-based antiviruses. However, the stellar performance of the Mac antivirus software made us try its new-fangled antivirus for Windows.

When we talk about Intego antivirus software for Windows, we can conclude that it is just a simple virus scanner that is not a full-featured antivirus suite like Intego for Mac. Some of the Internet security features it includes are a password manager, VPN and Anti-phishing protection. We have come to the conclusion that even some free products like Avira and Pandainclude these features. And if you are planning to invest in purchasing a premium plan of Norton or McAfee, then let us tell you it is priced exorbitantly than Intego’s Windows antivirus. If you go for Intego, you will get a complete internet security suite packed with all the add-on bonus features. Even Intego Antivirus for Windows holds a sophisticated and straightforward interface, in the same way like Intego for Mac. It is successful at identifying malicious files and furthermore it is a top-notch software because it picks many anticipated threats as well, which were missed by other antiviruses. We can quote it like this, Intego Antivirus for Windows is a decent software.

In a nutshell, it is not full-featured and jammed-packed as others available in the market. It is low-priced, easy to use and is robust enough to protect against the majority of fatal viruses.


Within a single click, you can access My Dashboard of Intego, which loads instantly every time you launch Intego. My Dashboard menu option is quite impressive since it shows your PC’s protection status at a glance. I quite liked how Uncluttered and easy-on hands My Dashboard is. We must mention, this dashboard is one of Intego’s unique selling point. Bottom Line, Intego’s My Dashboard gives one-click access for all the features, which is overall striking.

On the Dashboard, you can check out the following status:

Intego is an exact replica of Trend Micro and Panda, as both of the security software are also well-known for their intuitive and user-friendly interface. We were stunned by seeing that Intego offers a 30-day money-back guarantee with all plans. And on top of it, Intego promises to respond within 24 hours about the refund payment.

Intego offers different type of scans such as Quick Scan, Custom Scan, Scheduled Scan and Complete Scan. All of them are pretty good at performing the job. Personally, we like the Quick Scan option since it only scans the locations where malware or virus is most likely to be found. Moreover, Intego continually keeps on auto-updating its malware definitions. And when it comes to user-friendliness, then Intego’s scan is easy to set up and run. The icing on the cake is Intego offers real-time protection which basically means that all copied, modified, and newly created files are automatically scanned for catastrophic viruses. The best attribute is within seconds of detecting the malicious virus or malware; it automatically quarantines all suspicious files.


In an outline, Intego offers security reports: Scan Reports, Exclusion Report and Real-Time Report. They also give you the option to switch between the reports. Furthermore, Real-time report includes the list of all the threats that are detected by Intego in real-time mode. The cherry on the cake over here is at a glance; you can see where the malicious files are found, what type of threats are presented and what actions are taken by Intego to eradicate it.Furthermore, the installation and setup process takes less turnaround time as it gets deployed within a couple of minutes. Moreover, when it comes to Plan and Pricing, Intego Antivirus offers 3 easy-to-understand plans, which are Personal, Family and Extended. Though Family Plan is only slightly pricey than the Personal Plan and in addition provides protection to 3 PCs.One of the drawbacks is Intego offers no phone or live chat support. The customer support provided by them is poor, and in this parameter, Intego should make improvements. The last resort for customers is to only get in touch with technicians via email support.


To Wrap It Up

Let’s recall, Intego is astonishingly easy-to-use antivirus software that does a great job at detecting most of the existing and emerging catastrophic threats. Intego’s interface is straightforward and sophisticated, so for sure customers won’t face any hassle. Intego performs its stellar real-time performance quietly in the background. According to our judgement, we felt that it is good at detecting simple viruses than something more like ill-natured ransomware. So, we conclude that it relies more profoundly on virus definitions rather than on behavior analysis. Moreover, Intego doesn’t offer a free version of its Windows antivirus, but there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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