Why is MacKeeper Antivirus Software Known as the Best Friend for MacOS Users?


Why is MacKeeper Antivirus Software Known as the Best Friend for MacOS Users?


The advancement in technology has facilitated a proportionate upsurge in computer viruses, and as a result, people are obligated to invest in Antivirus software. But Mac users believe that they are protected from such threats as they have a more secure system than Windows. To some extent, it is true, but it doesn’t mean you don’t need the help of antivirus software. Every Mac user should count on a MacKeeper Antivirus software; the apparent reason is, it is specifically designed for macOS users. MacKeeper Software is like a dark horse since it is jam-packed with several features such as duplicate finder, memory cleaner, anti-theft, file finder, smart uninstaller, update tracker and many more. The cherry on the cake is, it comes with 17 pretty amazing tune-up tools. The tools which are offered by MacKeeper Antivirus suite is remarkable and definitely worthy of investment. Additionally, some of the add-on tools are Internet Security, Memory Cleaner, Adware Cleaner and many others. Having all these essential cleanup tools in one package will be fully beneficial for you. All of these tools turn to be a possession for the users since it also comes with phishing, malware and ransomware protection. Moreover, it also has a dedicated and well-structured customer support service. You will be stunned by the software’s range of features and how it has improved over time. It is flexible, and it keeps running, even when it is pretty low on hard drive space. When it comes to Mac security, we must say MacKeeper ace at it since it provides high standards of security.


Stand-Out MacKeeper Security Features


MacKeeper holds a decent assortment of security features that can protect the macOS devices in real-time. Have a look.

  • It has an integrated antivirus scanner that is more rapid than contemporary macOS-based software. And within 30 minutes it scans all the files and comprehensively looks for existing and emerging threats.
  • As a welcome addition, it offers an Adware Cleaner scanner that takes less than 5 minutes to clean up all the mess that is created by adware files.
  • IT Theft Guard is best at protecting the identity, and it detects the precise details of the breach.
  • One of the best and amazing features on the list is StopAd feature that blocks both ads and trackers.
  • Have you ever heard that any antivirus software could find duplicate files? If not, even then you have to digest this information because MacKeeper antivirus software is the living example of it. The full-fledged scan takes around 10 minutes, and it can approximately delete 2 GB of duplicate data. Isn’t it so cool?

Step-By-Step Guide: How to Remove MacKeeper Potentially Unwanted Program Related Files & Folders?

Step 1: First and foremost, click on the Finder icon from the menu bar. After that, choose the Go option and then select Go to Folder option.


Step 2: Now, it’s time to check adware-generated files. For this type /Library/LaunchAgents folder in Go to Folder. 


Step 3: Once you open the LaunchAgents folder, check the recently-added suspicious files and move them to the trash.


 Step 4: Now, check for adware generated files in the Library/Application Support Folder. Now, repeat the same steps as you did earlier. In order to prevent adware-generated files, type /Library/Application Support in Go to Folder section.


Step 5: After that, in the Application Support folder, check the recently-added suspicious folders and move them to the Trash.


Final Verdict


MacKeeper definitely deserves more than a try since it has a fantastic range of security and performance-enriching features. We are pretty impressed by the integrated ID Theft Guard, VPN and StopAd feature. Moreover, we are a die heart fan of how MacKeeper holds the potential to identify junk and duplicate files, which further helps in regaining tons of precious hard drive space. The best aspect is even being an antivirus software; it is pretty good at reclaiming precious hard drive space.


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