Software Activation Guide: How to Renew McAfee Antivirus Subscription?


Software Activation Guide: How to Renew McAfee Antivirus Subscription?

If you are looking for Multi-layered and full-fledged protection, then McAfee Antivirus Software is for you. It is well-known as Best Antivirus Software of 2020 as it automatically blocks existing and emerging unwanted threats that can enormously harm your system. First and foremost, install the McAfee Antivirus software that is an easy process. But the major problem which the user’s face is the struggle in activating McAfee Antivirus Subscription. Activation code might create a fuss, but don’t worry as we are here with this blog to help you out. We are here to make your life super easier! Our guide would definitely come handy whenever you need to activate the Best Protection Software, which is McAfee Antivirus. Right from the moment, you will activate McAfee subscription, you will get relieved as the security of your system will be in safe hands. Your actual task starts after installing McAfee, and you have to activate its features to get the best what you deserve. If you do not understand how to enter the product key in McAfee Antivirus, then don’t worry as there is no mathematical algorithms are applied as such. What you simply have to do is enter the key which you received on your registered email ID. It is basically a 25-digit product key that you have to copy and paste from the email to make sure you enter the correct key.

How to Activate McAfee Antivirus Software via Retail Card in Simple Ways

When you buy McAfee subscription from a retail store or a retail site, then you are offered retail cards. This retail card will help you in easily downloading a security product from the Internet instead of asking you to install it from CD. The best attribute you acquire by having a retail card is you get the most recent version of the McAfee Security Product.

Step 1: Firstly, read the instructions that are written on McAfee retail card in order to activate the McAfee extra layer of security.

Step 2: Now, visit the activation link, which is

Step 3: To get started with McAfee Security, enter your unique identity code. Enter the 25 digit activation code for McAfee activation, then check on the card which you received.

Step 4: After entering Log in the code.

Step 5: Subsequently click on the Submit button and follow the on-screen instructions adequately.

If you don’t have a stable and secure internet connection, then it is suggested to activate it through CD as the Internet can create problems in installation. Also, it is best when you have to reinstall it instantly since you have all files in one place. Furthermore, one drawback is CD does not offer you the benefit of updating the programs.

Detailed Procedure:

Step 1: First of all, open a web browser and go to the link mentioned on your retail card. Now go to

Step 2: After that, click on the Account option, which is in the upper-right corner.

Step 3: Now, click on Redeem your Retailed Card.

Step 4: Afterwards type the activation code from your retail card and then click on Submit.

Step 5: Subsequently type your email address. If an email address is not right, then go to the previous screen and click on edit. After that correct your email address. Then click on Next.

Step 6: Afterwards select your country and language. The registration page automatically picks out the region, but mostly it is not correct. So, confirm before you go to the next step that your region is selected right.

Step 7: Now click on Verify and then finally your subscription will get activated.

If you fail to activate then follow the instructions precisely:

  • Ensure that no other antivirus program is installed on your system. If it does then uninstall it and remove the software from the system altogether.

  • Ensure that the latest updates of an operating system are installed, and the upgrades are compatible with your McAfee Security software. For that, you can check out the minimum system requirement in the product manual that already comes with a retail card.

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