Easy & Quick Activation Guide: How to Activate Avira Antivirus Pro Software in Windows?

How to Activate Avira Antivirus Pro

Easy & Quick Activation Guide: How to Activate Avira Antivirus Pro Software in Windows?

Avira is known as the fastest and secure virus protection software that strives to provide intuitive web-interface. It is designed in a way to offer Automatic weekly updates so that no malicious virus goes unnoticed from its 24/7 real-time protection. Also, ‘Grade A’ attribute about this Best Antivirus Software of 2020 is Avira doesn’t sell users private data to third parties. After all privacy of the users is of paramount importance to Avira. It is equipped with a broad spectrum of features such as it offers Encryption, Blacklists Filtering, VPN service, Network Scanner, Blocks Phishing Website. Also, not to forget, besides being a phenomenal virus scanner, it also acts as a PC optimizer cleaner and fixes up system issues within no time. Avira Antivirus Pro is definitely worth every penny! If you have already installed this prodigious software or if you are planning to install it in the foreseeable future that too after reading this blog- Then the most significant part is activation so that you can enable its exotic features. For Activating the Best antivirus Protection software for 2020 license, follow the instructions systematically so that you are able to activate the license completely and successfully.

While Activating Avira Antivirus Pro Software License, You Might Face Errors:

When the user enters the activation code, it is quite possible they might receive one of subsequent error messages such as:

Error Code 407: When the user is unable to connect to the activation server, usually a proxy is used for Internet Access. What the user should do is click on Proxy settings in the License Wizard and then enter the connection data.

Error-407Error Code 551: This error ensues when the activation code is not entered correctly. For that, ensure that you enter the right code as it is. To avoid mistakes, copy and paste the activation code.

Error-551Error Code 555: This error occurs when you are using an activation code that is not compatible with the Avira software that you are using. To fix the issue, cancel the installation and check the Avira version. After that, download the correct Avira software program from www.avira.com/downloads.

Error-555Error Code 556: Error 556 takes place when the license period of the purchased activation code is expired. For this purchase a new activation code from Avira online shop.

Error-556No Internet Connection: For this check your Internet connection whether it is stable or not. As without strong Internet Connection, Avira is not able to connect to the license server in order to activate the product. If you have stable Internet Connection on the computer, then contact the Avira customer service help desk support.


Learn How to Activate Avira Antivirus Pro License via Activation Code

Step 1:In Avira Exchange Security window pane, right-click on Basic Configuration.


Step 2: After that, select All Tasks Option and then from the options, click on Avira License Activation.


Step 3: Then in Avira License Activation Window, enter your license information. In the box provided, fill Avira Activation Code and your Email Address.


Step 4: Once you fill out the required details correctly and if you agree with the terms and conditions set forth, then at last click on Activate License.


Make sure you enter correct Avira Activation Code to avoid any type of anticipated error. Also, follow the instructions meticulously in order to activate the license without any trouble. Even after applying all the methods by hook or by crook, if you are unable to activate the license, then promptly get in touch with Avira Help Desk Support for seeking professional help.

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